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Atrauman Polyester Mesh Dressing has a pore size of 1mm which prevents granulation tissue from penetrating the dressing.
It is impregnated with Neutral Triglycerides (Fatty Acids) and does not contain Vaseline or Paraffin, leaving the wound residue free. It keeps wound edges soft and supple, avoiding contraction of scar tissue and has non-adherent properties minimising pain and trauma on removal. Hydrophobic polyester fibres permits the passage of exudate and air.

Atrauman Ag Polyester Mesh Dressing- When in contact with wound exudate, Atrauman Ag forms silver ions on its surface, killing bacteria on contact.
Wound exudate, dead bacteria and endotoxins are absorbed by the secondary dressingSilver ions are kept within the dressing where they bind to and destroy bacteria. Due to this local restriction of silver ion release, cytotoxicity of Atrauman Ag is very low

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