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The year for practice managers to dust off their HR hats

Throughout 2017, practice managers will be wearing their HR hats more often than usual. From how your practice handles employee data, through gender pay gap reporting, restrictions on salary sacrifice schemes, and rules for employing foreign workers, there will be plenty of HR work that needs attending to this year and next.In this article, we'll [...]

New dialysis patient numbers have plummeted, but is your GP practice doing its bit?

Dialysis treatment is necessary for many patients with chronic kidney disease, but earlier diagnosis by GPs has helped to reduce this need. Not only is this good news for patients (dialysis is a treatment that may need regular hospital visits and restriction of diet), it's also good news for the NHS: when dialysis is avoided [...]

The advantages of hiring an in-house pharmacist in your GP practice

A few months ago, back in April of 2016, we published a blog post that described the future of primary healthcare as a portfolio business. GP practices with a limited service are putting themselves at risk of being superseded by a rapidly changing healthcare market. Strategies suggested in that article for developing a portfolio practice [...]

Dealing with difficult people in the GP practice – Patients

In our last blog post, we discussed how to deal with difficult employees. In this post, we'll look at dealing with difficult patients. You'll learn why patients can be so difficult, how to tackle them, and how to learn from every difficult patient that steps into your GP practice.What is a difficult patient?Have you ever [...]

Dealing with difficult people in the GP practice – Employees

One of the key skills for the GP practice manager is dealing with difficult people. Most commonly, these will be either practice employees or patients. There are similarities in the best way to deal with both, but there are also some fundamental differences. In this first part of two blog posts about dealing with difficult [...]

Everything the GP practice manager needs to know about gender gap pay reporting

Everything the GP practice manager needs to know about gender gap pay reportingIn our blog post of November 30th 2016 – Employment law update for GP practices – we introduced Gender Pay Gap Reporting. We've since had several clients ask if we could produce a post that puts a little more meat on the bone about this [...]

An 8-step cybersecurity strategy for your GP practice

In our last blog post we highlighted the extent of the problems caused by the lack of cybersecurity in primary care. Although it's an issue that probably needs to be tackled with a bigger budget than the average £23,000 spent by NHS trusts annually, there is plenty that your GP practice can do to help [...]

Is primary care failing patients in the digital world?

You may have read recently about cybersecurity in the NHS. An investigation by Sky News found that a number of NHS trusts have spent nothing on protecting their online data. We're all quick to want to bring banks, online retailers and mobile phone companies to task when the latest hacking debacle is announced.I'm surprised that [...]

Managing Health & Safety in the GP Practice – Key issues for practice managers

Managing Health & Safety in the GP Practice – Key issues for practice managers Every GP practice has a duty of care towards its employees, patients, and other visitors. While the partners will have the ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of all in the practice, it is the practice manager who is likely to [...]

Should GPs assign patients to weight loss management before surgery?

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Spain, and he told me of the success he's had at losing some weight. He decided to count his calories – cutting out bread, potatoes and alcohol as part of his self-imposed diet – and do mild exercise in the form of walking [...]

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