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Have you identified the Whistleblowing Guardian for your GP Practice?

Have you identified the whistleblowing guardian for your GP Practice?Whistleblowers are generally accepted by the public as heroes: people that protect society and the greater good with little concern for themselves. However, questions that will undoubtedly be raised about the recent revelations and allegations surrounding abuse of youths in football clubs will include why no [...]

Practice Management: How could you use social media to benefit your practice?

Social media is a powerful tool. Human resource managers are using it increasingly to filter out undesirable applicants during the recruitment process. Banks have even been said to google loan applicants and small businesses before advancing finance. It's not surprising, then, that the CQC trawls social media for "early intelligence" of potential problems. Some GP practices [...]

QOF: How does your practice measure up in COPD management?

A recent report has concluded that there are improvements needed in primary care in provisions for COPD diagnosis and treatment. Especially, these improvements should reduce costs by removing unnecessary treatment given to patients who don't have COPD. The report analysed QOF and PHE data from England's GP practices during 2014/15. It found that high QOF [...]

​​​Does financial restraint and healthcare provision mean a conflict of interest in modelling STPs?

What do you do if you expect a 72% increase in weekly patient contact hours by 2021? It might surprise you to hear that slashing the number of GPs available to see patients is deemed to be the answer. That's what the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for Somerset is proposing. The extra demand will [...]

Early closing of your GP practice may not be an option this Christmas and New Year

It seems to happen at this time every year. NHS England threatens GP practices with breach notices if they dare to close early on a single day over the Christmas period. If previous years are anything to go by, you can expect staff from NHS England to check that your practice is open. In 2014, [...]

Your 22-bullet point guide to caring for patients with learning disabilities

Mental capacity of patients to make decisions and give consent for treatment is an increasingly sensitive area. Staff in the GP practice should be trained in communication and care of people with learning disabilities, with the aim to provide care that is equal to that given to other patients.In this blog post we bullet point [...]

Employment law update for GP practices

It seems that hardly a day goes by without a new piece of employment legislation being considered, challenged, or brought into legislation in the UK. For the GP practice manager, keeping on top of UK employment law is a job in itself. Yet if you don't, you could be leaving the practice open to being [...]

Vaccine control – can you afford not to service your pharmacy fridge?

With so many GP practices being stretched financially, it's tempting to cut costs at every corner. One of the cost-cutting measures that could be highly counter-productive is the money saved by delaying (or even cancelling) the servicing of your pharmacy fridge. In this article, we look at the pharmacy fridge rules that you have to observe, [...]

Tips for passing the CQC inspection

The CQC inspection is a fact of life for every GP practice. Although the CQC changed the way it inspects practices in 2014 (and the new regime was rolled out between October 2014 and April 2016), the two-week notice period of an inspection is still enough to set your nerves jangling. Every GP closure after [...]

Use technology to slash your DNA rate

Missed appointments, or Did Not Attends (DNAs) are frustrating, infuriating, and expensive. They use up time that could be allocated to other patients, and, according to an estimate made after Blackpool CCG surveyed DNAs across its GP surgeries earlier this year, cost GP practices a total of £1 billion every year. There have been various measures [...]

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