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The Issue of Consent when Using Social Media

My gran always used to say that you should never hang your smalls to dry in the backyard. “You never know who might see them,” she’d say. “What if your grandad brought his boss home for dinner?” she’d ask me. In nearly fifty years of his working life, my grandad never once brought his boss home for dinner. But [...]

When can Information be Shared with Patients’ Friends and Families?

The conflict of patient confidentiality and a doctor’s need to careOne of the big bugbears in today’s openly social world is how a doctor and practice staff should treat patient confidentiality. While people gladly air their hopes, fears, deepest secrets, and health issues on social media streams such as Facebook, a doctor is left between a rock and a [...]

What are the Latest Guidelines on Patient Consent?

A while ago we published a blog about The New Rules of Consent, in which we detailed the changing legal landscape and how it pertains to patient consent. In a nutshell, healthcare provision has progressed to a patient-centric approach. This places more emphasis on delivering the care the patient wants, rather than the doctor administering what he or she [...]

Smoking Cessation - is Your Practice Offering this Service?

Does your practice actively promote your ability to prescribe E-Cigarettes?Does your practice receive enquiries around smoking cessation on a regular basis?If your practice offers a smoking cessation clinic, does that clinic have all the new, innovative and relevant tools to show smokers the damage caused to them and those around them and are you actively prescribing e-cigs in practice?You may find [...]

Through the Fog of a Failing System, GP Practices offer a Beacon of Light

Last month, a poll by Londonwide LMCs produced the startling statistic that almost a third of London’s GP practices are, in one way or another, considering closing down. When asked how likely it was that they would terminate their NHS contract within the next three years: - 3% said they planned to terminate;- 13% said they were considering it;- 15% refused to [...]

​ GP Practice Closures at Record High as Primary Care Hits Another Wall of Crisis

At its June conference, the BMA told delegates that the number of GP practice closures had hit record levels. In all, 201 practices have been forced out of business in the previous 12 months. The reasons for this have been cited by the BMA as: - Soaring demand for services- Lower numbers entering the profession- A deteriorating workforce- Increasing workloads- An [...]

Could your Practice and its Patients Benefit from Digital Age Consultations?

The modern GP practice houses all sorts of technology and yet much goes underused. When saying this, we’re not talking about modern clinical and diagnostic tools − they are used when needed. We’re talking about other tools that can be used to save a GP’s valuable time.In our post The Practice Manager’s Five-Minute Guide to Making Time in [...]

Does Your Practice Handle Clinical Waste Effectively?

You wouldn’t keep throwing domestic waste in a bin at home if it was overflowing, would you? It’s simple common sense to empty and renew. Yet this is one of the CQCs most common findings when it inspects healthcare providers for errors in clinical waste management.Incorrectly managed clinical waste raises concerns about safety in the healthcare environment, as well as [...]

Making Extra Cash in the GP Practice – Part 2

In our last article we discussed the ethical argument with which so many practices battle when contemplating ways to make extra cash. Without an increase in revenues, it seems likely that more GP practices will be forced to close – and that will be bad for the patients on their books and the communities they serve.Having established the need to [...]

Making Extra Cash in the GP Practice – Part 1

Increasing numbers of GP practices are turning to innovative strategies to make extra cash in order to ensure their practice survives in the NHS financial meltdown. There are plenty of ways to do so, but there is also an ethical argument that many have to work through before deciding to put money making strategies in place.In this first article of [...]

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