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Practice Help Guides

Do you ever have costly mistakes when selecting the right consumables for your equipment? How about confusion when the usual purchaser leaves or goes on holiday?In order to get the right answer first time, we have created some great little help guides to help any member of staff get the information they need quickly and efficiently.Should these not be [...]

Summer Fridge Disaster and Vaccine Transportation

Every year when the sunshine starts to appear in the UK, albeit briefly, and temperatures start to rise, clinical fridges start to feel the heat. The requests we have for urgent next day deliveries on fridges go through the roof as the mad dash to save hundreds of pounds of vaccines begins. In this article, I am going to [...]

GP and Partner Responsibilities when you’re Retiring for 24 hours

If you’re a member of the 2008 section of the NHS pension scheme, your normal retirement age will be 65. You don’t have to retire at this age, and could elect to work longer in order to accrue 45 years of service and maximise your pension – you are then allowed to base your pension on the best 45 years [...]

What does Brexit mean for the GP Practice?

We’ve had mass demonstrations, online polls demanding a second referendum, a rise in race-related crime, ageism arguments and resignations in the upper echelons of the political elite. The stock market tumbled then rebounded and Sterling is at a 31-year low against the US Dollar (good for exports, not so good for foreign holidays). There has been no need for an [...]

Feeling the Pain of the Practice Manager

Within its KLOEs, the CQC includes leadership. Wherever you work, an integral part of leadership is team and organisational management, and within the GP practice much of this rests upon the shoulders of the practice manager. In a recent report, the King’s Fund has concluded that practice managers need more support. We couldn’t agree more.Standing up for the practice [...]

The Need to Embed Holistic Practices when Treating Mental Health Patients

It may be that your practice needs to rethink its approach to providing care and treatment to patients with mental health issues. A survey by Rethink has highlighted a possible connection between the treatment of patients with mental health issues and their mortality rates, which might be used to shape the future of treatment of patients in primary care.Why do [...]

CQC’s Strategy for Inspection of Primary Care

With the CQC under a period of evolution – and promising that GP practices that are rated as good or outstanding won’t be re-inspected for up to another five years – we thought we’d take a closer look at how its monitoring, inspection, and reporting of GP practices will change in the coming years.The good news is that [...]

What Can We Learn from the Latest Inadequate Practice Ratings?

In our last article we looked at five GP practices that had been awarded the highest rating in recent CQC inspections and asked, “What can We Learn from the Latest Outstanding Practice Ratings?” In that examination, we found there to be four areas where the CQC appears to focus its praise: - Leadership - Community presence - Innovation that is patient [...]

Extra Help and Funding for GP Practices and How to Access it

Here at eSupplies, we keep a close eye on the issues that affect GP practices and we’re not afraid to offer our opinion, as you may have noticed. Debate is good for the industry and we enjoy hearing about your views, opinions and complaints as well as reading about your experiences. The experience and feedback we receive [...]

What can We Learn from the Latest Outstanding Practice Ratings?

An outstanding rating is hard won – as is evidenced by the numbers from the latest round of CQC inspections, which shows that only one of 85 GP practices achieved the top rating. With news that the next CQC inspection for practices rated as outstanding could be up to five years away, the incentive to achieve is undeniable. With [...]

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