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Boxed Sets

Please follow this link to buy Bulbs for Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes.

Many busy practitioners find that the best way to carry and store equipment is in a diagnostic set, so we offer a variety of boxed diagnostic set options to fit your specific needs. 

We also have a choice of:

Desk Sets 

Wall Sets

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  • Keeler 3.6v Rechargeable Practitioner Diagnostic Set
    £410.00 £269.00
  • Welch Allyn 3.5v Elite Set with Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle
    £399.00 £339.00
  • Welch Allyn Pocket LED Diagnostic Set - Black
    £188.00 £125.00
  • Heine Mini 3000 Opthalmoscope Otoscope Diagnostic (D-873.21.021)
    £263.99 £223.99
  • KEELER Jazz Diagnostic Set 2.8v
    £219.00 £189.17
  • Keeler Pocket 2.8v Diagnostic Set with AA Battery Handle
    £230.00 £180.89
  • Keeler Practitioner Fibre Optic 2.8v Diagnostic Set (1729-P-1020)
    £343.68 £168.31
  • Riester LED Diagnostic Set, L3 LED Otoscope and L2 LED Ophthalmoscope in Carry Case (RI-3746-203.001)
    £175.00 £129.80
  • Welch Allyn Elite 3.5v Diagnostic Set with C-Cell Handle (97200-BI)
    £230.00 £162.15
  • Welch Allyn PocketScope Diagnostic Set in Soft Case (92831)
    £218.00 £170.04
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