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Doppler Probes

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          Recommended Probe Use

2MHz           Obstetric for fetal heart detection.
3MHz           Obstetric for fetal heart detection in early gestation.
4MHz           Detection of deep lying vessels.
5MHz           For oedematous limbs and deep lying vessels. Ideal adjunct to Easy8 for ABPI measurements.
8MHz           Detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries.
          Widebeam Technology - Allows easy location of vessels. Easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.
10MHz           Detection of smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications.


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  • Huntleigh 10MHZ High Sensitivity Vascular Probe
  • Huntleigh 4MHZ High Sensitivity Vascular Probe
  • Huntleigh 5MHZ High Sensitivity Vascular Probe
  • Huntleigh 8MHZ High Sensitivity Vascular Probe
  • 3MHz Obstetric Probe for Huntleigh Dopplers (OP3-HS)
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