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GE Temporal Artery Thermometer

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GE Temporal Artery Thermometer

Body temperature is one of the most basic indicators of a patient’s health. A fast, accurate thermometer is essential for capturing this important reading.

The Temporal Scanner® temporal artery thermometer advances temperature measurement to a new level of performance. The Temporal Scanner, a non-invasive temporal artery thermometer, enables you to easily take a patient’s temperature with speed, precision, comfort and accuracy–generating clinical intelligence you can rely on to make timely and well informed care decisions.

The Temporal Scanner temporal artery thermometer is easy to use, ergonomically shaped and light weight for comfort.
Patient’s temperature readings are gathered quickly and displayed clearly and visibly. The Temporal Scanner may be  used on patients ranging from infants, and children, up to adults.

Unlike oral and rectal thermometers, the Temporal Scanner does not come into contact with mucous membranes. Since the Temporal Scanner only comes in contact with the skin, cleaning and disinfecting are made easy. You can clean the Temporal
Scanner using the same cleaning protocol as used in cleaning a stethoscope.

In addition, the silver ion anti-microbial head has been found to reduce the population of Staphylococcus (Staph), Listeria, and Escherichia coli (E-Coli), helping to support your infection control efforts by reducing the potential for cross-contamination1, which may eliminate the need for temperature probe covers (together with the associated costs and waste).

Caregivers and patients alike will appreciate this advanced, non-invasive approach that makes taking temperature quick and comfortable.

Supports Infection Control

The Temporal Scanner temporal artery thermometer provides the added protection of a silver ion antimicrobial head, which is capable of self-disinfecting. The silver ion anti-microbial head kills microbes such as E-Coli, Staph and Listeria. In addition, laboratory tests show that Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) are cut by more than 20 percent in 10 minutes, and reduced to undetectable levels in 6 hours.

Plus, since the Temporal Scanner does not come in contact with mucous membranes, the risk of patient infection is reduced. This helps protect patients from harmful bacteria and can support your organization’s infection control initiatives.


  • Temperature range: 36 to 40°C

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