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Sani Cloth multi surface disinfectant wipes are impregnated with a low level detergent formulation for use on most surfaces including cleaning matresses and beds. 

Sani-Cloth 70 is a 70% alcohol based disinfectant wipe recommended for the disinfection of non-invasive medical devices and non-porous surfaces.

Sani Cloth Active are alcohol free wipes that meet European testing standards as Bactericidal EN1040, EN1276, EN13697, Fungicidal EN1275, EN1650, Viral EN 14476, Polio, HepB, Herpes, Norwalk, Adenovirus and TB.

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  • Buy PDI Sani-Cloth Detergent Flow Wraps (Wipes), Pack of 60 (UNDXP00186) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
    £6.68 £2.55
  • Buy Sani 70 Alcohol Disinfectant Surface Wipes (70% Alc), Tub of 200 (UNXP00159) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
  • Buy Sani 70% Alcohol Wipes Individually Wrapped Sachet Box, Box of 100 (UNWD24100) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
    £4.95 £3.74
  • Sani-Cloth Active Alcohol Free Wipes (Green Cannister), Tub of 200
    £7.10 £4.70
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