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​Quick Tips for Collecting More QOF Points

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In recent weeks, practices have been preparing their final run up to QOF targets for 2015/2016. With such a long and comprehensive document to advise practices on their QOF indicators, it is no wonder that practices struggle to implement every area to its full potential.

We have been in touch with various experienced Practice Managers to get some advice on Quick Tips for collecting more QOF points. These have been written in this blog.

“For 2015/16 there are 559 points in QOF across two domains for clinical and public health indicators. The national average practice population figure for the 2015/16 QOF year is taken from the Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) on 1 January 2015 and is 7,233. The value of a QOF point for 2015/16 is £160.15.” Quoted from 2015/16 General Medical Services (GMS) contract Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)Guidance for GMS contract 2015/16

Quick Tips for collecting more points:

Text service – Quickly and cheaply collect points by offering to all smokers advising of QUIT SMOKING help locally –(Worth 2 points -SMOK003. The contractor supports patients who smoke in stopping smoking by a strategy which includes providing literature and offering appropriate therapy)

Waiting Room Blood Pressure – Invite all patients to take a blood test upon arrival using a waiting room blood pressure monitor (include it in your check in process). (Worth 15 points with 50-90% achievement thresholds - BP002. The percentage of patients aged 45 or over who have a record of blood pressure in the preceding 5 years.)

Mini ‘MOT’ Day – Whilst arranging ‘Flu Day’ – Create the opportunity for a mini ‘MOT’ day. Whilst providing Flu clinics or other clinics where multiple patients are present, provide them the opportunity to have their blood pressure taken as well. It lengthens the appointment by a minute or so, but is better than inviting them back for a 10 minute appointment with risk of DNA. Other basic checks like height, weight and BMI could also be presented on this day.

Pregnancy Influenza Vaccines – In order to ensure you can cover pregnant women easily, pull a list of patients off the midwife list and text them all an invitation for flu jabs “You are eligible to receive a flu vaccination, please book in….”

Patient Reporting – Take a look at target patient reports. According to one Practice Manager, SystmOne, has a reporting function where it can show the value of QOF points in GBP for e.g. the top 50 high risk patients. Arranging appointments for a general check-up for these patients, will not only ensure high risk patients are being checked up on, but increase your chance of reaching a variety of QOF points in one appointment.

Patient Code Errors/QOF Data Validation– Whether using external help from companies like QOF Masters and Insight Solutions (please note these are companies we have heard of and not recommendations) or checking in house, discovering where your practice has incorrectly coded certain patients, e.g. dementia patients who have an incorrect code will help to regain value you should have had to begin with based on dementia indicators. This can total hundreds or thousands of pounds with only a few errors being corrected. Although you need these codes corrected to get points, you also need them corrected to ensure patients are invited for appropriate monitoring and therefore accurate data ensures you give a better service of care.

Exception Reporting – Ensure that exception codes are updated yearly and accurately. Practices can be negatively impacted on their achievement thresholds if they do not correctly use Exception Reporting. E.g. it may not be appropriate to review terminally ill patients in certain chronic disease parameters, patients may not attend or refuse to attend even after 3 separate invitations for the same review parameter, or patients may be unable to be prescribed certain medication due to conflicting treatments of allergy. It is not an excuse to forget about patients though, because although patients may be excepted from the denominator, they should still be the recipients of best clinical care and practice. Each exception should be well supported in the notes and reviewed individually. A few patients could make the difference of 10% and be the difference between getting any money or not.

The following are examples that are not acceptable as an invitation:

1) a generic invitation on the right hand side of the script to attend a clinic or an appointment e.g. influenza immunisation

2) a notice in the waiting room inviting particular groups of patient to attend clinics or make appointments e.g. influenza immunisation

When an appropriate exception code has been added to the patient record, it applies only to the QOF year in which it was added. If the timeframe defined to deliver the care described in the indicator wording spans two QOF years, the exception would need to be added for each of the QOF years

An excerpt from the QOF guidance helping you access the correct page for each indicator. Each Indicator link provides relevant product areas from our site to save you time when looking for items. If you need anything that you can’t find on our site, just let us know. We specialise in sourcing to save you time and give you the best service we can. Use your time to earn £100s of pounds on QOF, whilst allowing us to save you extra money on products.

Clinical domain (435 points) - click links below:

Atrial fibrillation (AF) page 31

Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD) page 35

Heart failure (HF) page 38

Hypertension (HYP) page 42

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) page 45

Stroke and transient ischaemic attack (STIA) page 49

Diabetes mellitus (DM) page 53

Asthma (AST) page 66

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) page 73

Dementia (DEM) page 79

Depression (DEP) page 84

Mental health (MH) page 87

Cancer (CAN) page 96

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) page 98

Epilepsy (EP) page 101

Learning disabilities (LD) page 102

Osteoporosis: secondary prevention of fragility fracture (OST) page 105

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) page 111

Palliative care (PC) page 114

Public health domain (124 points)

Cardiovascular disease – primary prevention (CVD-PP) page 118

Blood pressure (BP) page 123

Obesity (OB) page 124

Smoking (SMOK) page 126

Public health – additional services page 133

Cervical screening (CS) page 133

Contraception (CON) page 136

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