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Cautery, Electrosurgery & Cryosurgery

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Help Guide On Single Use Cautery Burners from RB Medical

  • Standard point burners (S tip) are used for a variety of lesions and can be used to cut and coagulate small areas.
  • Cutting burners (D, F, G, N tips) are used for dividing skin tags and papilloma as well as removing some intradermal naevi.  The D and R tips are side cutters for use in confined areas.  The O tip has a small side cutter with a coagulation loop at the top.
  • Ball point burners (B tip) are used for coagulation for sealing small bleeding points.
  • Ring burners (A, C, tips) can be used as standard burners above, but can also be used as a ring over the top of protruding growths.
  • Cold point burners (CP tip) are used for releasing subungual haematoma and for treating spider naevi.  The cold point comes in one size only with a projecting needle approximately 8mm. 

For images of all cautery burners - see RB Medical's Website

Cryosurgery - surgery using the local application of intense cold to destroy unwanted tissue. Histofreezer is popular in GP surgeries for cryosurgery.

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