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Extension & Infusion Sets

We offer a variety of extension sets that help meet clinical needs throughout the hospital and other medical environments.

Features of the top selling products include:

Baxter Clearlink combines standard set technology with unique design characteristics including a non-latex, clear polycarbonate housing, a large easy-to-swab injection surface and a silicone-based double seal design. This cost-effective access system virtually eliminates needlestick injuries during IV set access procedures.

Universal Mediflex Solution Giving Set. Universal’s range of Administration Sets have been developed to facilitate the safe delivery of sterilefluids into the body via an intravenous cannula. Is latex free, has a luer lock connection, features a kink resistant tubing and a flexible transparent drip chamber.

Baxter Flo-Guard IV Infusion  is a pump/gravity solution administration set, non-vented, has a 15µm filter, a Y-injection site and a male luer lock connection

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  • Buy Baxter Clearlink IV Access Valve, Pack of 200 (TRC9182) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
    £288.00 £267.00
  • Buy Baxter Flo-Guard IV Infusion Set, Pack of 50 (TRC9608) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
  • Buy BD Connecta Plus (3 way), Stopcock, With White Tap, 10cm, Pack of 50 (BV394995) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
    £77.57 £64.21
  • Buy CODAN, Swan-Lock, Needle Free Access System, Pack of 100 (MOC165267) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
  • Buy Intrafix SafeSet Giving Set with 3 Way Tap and Extension Line, Box of 100 (NT-33-3VP) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
  • Solution Giving Set, Each
    £3.10 £1.01
  • Buy Vygon 2 Way Stopcock (PC-PE), Pack of 50 (VY0865.00) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
  • Buy Vygon Lockable 2 Way Stopcock (PC-PE), Pack of 50 (VY0866.00) sold by eSuppliesMedical.co.uk
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