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Eye Charts and Tests

Our range of Eye Charts and Tests include; Colour Vision Books designed to provide a test which gives a quick and accurate assessment of colour vision deficiency, direct and indirect Laminated Test Types, Fixed and Adjustable Mirrors for viewing indirect test types and Keystone Vision Screeners

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  • Ishihara Colour Vision Test 24 Plate
  • Keeler 4 Page Washable Reading Test
  • Buy Laminated Near Vision Reading Test, Size 250 x 145mm (SNT-300-L) sold by
  • Buy 3m Test Type, Laminated OAX/E 2-Sided (SDT-340-OAXE) sold by
  • Buy Frisby Stereotest Pocket 1 plate (6mm) (FRISPKT1) sold by
  • Buy Keeler Fixed Wall Mirror with Bracket 535mm x 355mm (2204-P-7350) sold by
    £266.93 £233.49
  • Buy Keeler Adjustable Wall Mirror with Bracket 535mm x 355mm (2204-P-7369) sold by
    £343.20 £242.89
  • Buy Keystone VS-5 Vision Screener 1155-WE SPECIAL PRICE (1155-WE) sold by
  • Buy Ishihara Colour Vision Book 24 plate, Each (SGR-227-I24) sold by
  • Buy 24 Plate Ishihara Colour Test, Each (2206-P-1016) sold by
  • Buy DVLA Standard Snellen Vision Test Chart 6m ESH Direct/Indirect 6 / 7.5, OAX (SDT-341-DVLA) sold by
  • Keeler 3m Test Card, Letters, OAT (60/6 -6/6)
  • Buy Keeler Snellen Test Type Panel 6m ESH Indirect / Reversible (6 / 7.5) (2204-P-7801) sold by
  • Buy Keeler Snellen Test Type Panel 6m ESH Direct (6 / 7.5) (2204-P-7799) sold by
    £36.00 £31.77
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