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Gynaecology Supplies

We provide an extensive range of gynaecology supplies including Specula, IUCD kits, Uterine Sounds & Dilators and more. Ideal for clinics, GP surgeries, hospitals and all other medical environments.

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  • PELIspec Pelijelly Lubricant 5G, x 100
  • Sanitary Towels
  • ComfiGel Lubricating Jelly 82g Tube
  • ComfiGel Lubricating Jelly 42g Tube
  • Buy Combined Uterine Sound and Dilator, Sterile Single Use, Each (DISP0070100) sold by
  • ComfiGel Lubricating Jelly 5g Sachets, Pack of 100
  • Buy Instramed Sterile Plastic Sound, Each (HY-0250) sold by
  • Buy Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilator Training Set (MOSM2100) sold by
  • Buy Cervibrush LBC, Pack of 100 (D5161) sold by
  • Buy Vulsellum Teale Forceps, Curved 23cm/9", Disposable Stainless Steel, Each (RSPU500-818) sold by
  • Buy Instrapac Rampley Sponge Holder, 24.9cm/9.8", Disp S/S, Each (7969) sold by
  • Buy Instrapac Rampley Spongeholder, 18cm/7", Disposable, Stainless Steel, Each (7909) sold by
  • Buy Instrapac Mayo Scissors, 17cm/6.7", Curved, Disposable Stainless Steel, Each (7839) sold by
  • Buy Instrapac Luer Vulsellum Forceps, Disposable Stainless Steel, 22.9cm/9", Each (7832) sold by
  • Buy Instrapac Currie Uterine Scissors, Disposable Stainless Steel, 20.3cm/8", Each (7877) sold by
  • Buy Braun Tenaculum Forceps, 25cm/10", Disposable, Stainless Steel, Each (RSPU500-812) sold by
  • Buy Instrapac Teale Vulsellum Forceps, 24cm/9.4", 3 Teeth, Each (7957) sold by
  • Buy Optilube Lubricating Jelly, 82g Tube, Each (OPT1122) sold by
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