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INR Testing

Our INR self-testing products support patients on warfarin or with poor INR control, to help reduce the risk of stroke


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CoaguChek®  Pro II PT Controls for  CoaguChek®  Pro II Meter
£38.22  inc VAT
CoaguChek® XS PT Controls for CoaguChek® XS Plus and XS Pro meters, Box of 4
£31.33  inc VAT
CoaguChek®  XS PT Test for CoaguChek® XS plus, XS Pro and XS meters, pack of 24
£89.06  inc VAT
CoaguChek®  XS PT Strips for XS and XS Plus Diagnostic Meter, pack of 48
£176.18  inc VAT
Siemens Xprecia Stride Reagent Kit x100
£631.94  inc VAT
Xprecia Systems PT Control Kit
Order from supplier within 3 working days.
£111.43  inc VAT