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Dressing and Woundcare


Clean, protect and heal wounds with out range high quality  wound care products suitable for treating multiple injuries and burns. 


Shop our range of adhesive, conforming, crepe and tubular bandages for clinical settings at the lowest price.

Dressing Packs

We stock easy to use dressing kits ideal for use while cleaning and treating infected wounds.


We stock a wide range of dressings, barrier creams and fracture management products to ensure the best pateint care.

Swabs & Cotton Wool

Swabs and cotton wool, ideal for cleaning the skin around a wound in preparation for treatment

Minor Surgery Packs

Our range of single-use surgery packs for all your minor surgery needs, including Biopsy Packs and much more. 

Tapes and Fixation

Fixation tape essential to hold dressings, wound pads and compresses in place strongly and securely.